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A Community of Survivors


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Welcome to Zombie Church

Welcome to Zombie Church!  Yes, we like zombies. No, we aren’t zombies. We are a church community that wants to provide hope to those that don’t have any. There are people that walk around every day, like zombies, trying to fill an emptiness that can’t be easily filled. You may have tried finding satisfaction in relationships, alcohol, money, sex, entertainment, the list is long. It seems that no matter how much you consume you always need more. If that is you and you’re tired of looking for answers without finding any, then come and check us out.

If you’ve ever felt unwelcome in a church because people there focused only at what you were wearing or how you looked instead of who you are, then this could be the place you’ve been looking for.

For the churched

Zombie church? Are you serious?

Yes, we’re dead serious. Zombie church exists to fill a gap that many main stream churches don’t fill. We look at what the Apostle Paul did in Acts 17 and get excited about how he shared Jesus’ message of hope. He took a piece of Greek culture and used it as a starting point to share the Gospel. We happen to like the occasional zombie TV show or movie, and we think that the struggles in those stories reflect a picture of the Christian life. Zombies have a condition that can’t be cured by human effort. They only seek their own desires, devouring and causing destruction. Jesus is the only one that can cure such a deadly condition.  The survivors in those same stories are seeking to stay alive and remain unharmed by the ever present zombie threat. They also contend with the threat of other survivors who are misguided. We are a community of survivors, seeking to see Jesus heal our generation and create a strong bond among those who are His.