Node.js, Why so Asynchronous??? @ the Node.js Meetup – Denver – May 2017 Talk Page

Thank you for coming to the Node.js meetup talk, “Node for beginners, Why so Asynchronous?”
This is where you can find resources for getting started with Node.js.

Learn the command line

Install node

Install Express

Install KOA


Node tutorials
Node, Express, Swig, and MongoDB, getting started with CRUD
Node, Express, and MongoDB, a primer
Really, there’s a ton of good Node.js content here. Take a look around an pick a tutorial.

Learn and Understand Node.js with Tony Alicea
There is a charge to access this content. If you wait for a Udemy sale you can usually get courses for 10 to 15 dollars.

Express generator from Galvanize

Galvanize CoWorking and Full Stack School

Learn to code for free

Great video and demo of the Javascript front end loop, very similar to the node.js loop.

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